Assorted Sugarfree Sweets

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Discover a world of guilt-free indulgence with Dadu's Assorted Sugar-Free Sweets.

This exclusive collection features a harmonious blend of Kaju Katli, Mysore Pak, Golden Coin, Anjeer Dry Fruit Delight, and Khajoor Coin.

Each sweet is meticulously crafted with zero to negligible sucrose content, validated by rigorous lab testing.

Sweetened with Stevia, a plant-based sweetener with a low glycemic index, these treats are perfect for those managing blood sugar levels.

Made from 100% natural ingredients and free from artificial additives, they offer a delightful and healthy option for the diet-conscious and health-focused. Enjoy the rich flavours and nutritional benefits of Dadu's finest sweets, all in one exquisite assortment.

Can people with Diabetes/Sugar eat Dadus sugar free sweets?

Absolutely. People with diabetes can enjoy Dadu’s sweets as they are sweetened with Stevia, suitable for blood sugar management. However, it is advisable for those with Type-1 Diabetes to consult their GP before consumption.

Choose Dadu’s sugar-free sweets for a healthier treat with fewer calories and natural ingredients. Shopping for premium sweets online is easy with Dadu's. 

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All Dadu's sweets are fresh, vegetarian, and free from preservatives or artificial colours

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