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What are sugar-free sweets?

Sugar-free sweets are treats made without traditional sugar, utilising alternative sweeteners like stevia, erythritol, xylitol, and monk fruit. 

These alternatives provide sweetness without the high calories or blood sugar spikes associated with regular sugar.

Each sweetener offers unique benefits. For example, stevia is 100% natural and calorie-free, erythritol is low-calorie and well-tolerated, xylitol has dental benefits, and monk fruit is highly sweet with no calories.

How are sugar-free sweets made?

Sugar-free sweets are crafted by replacing traditional sugar with alternative sweeteners.

The process typically involves blending these sweeteners with other ingredients to maintain the desired taste and texture.

For example, in baking, erythritol and xylitol can replace sugar while ensuring proper browning and moisture retention. Each recipe is carefully adjusted to achieve a balance of sweetness and consistency.

At Dadu’s, we ensure life’s #HalkiSiMithaas touches everyone’s heart without compromising health. Our premium sugar-free sweets offer a delightful way to enjoy your favourite treats while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

Discover our delectable range of sugar-free Kaju Katli, Mysore Pak, Golden Coin, Anjeer Dry Fruit Delight, Badamees, and Khajoor Coin.

Highlights of Dadus Sugar-Free Sweets

Zero to Negligible Sucrose Content (Lab Tested)

Dadus sweets undergo rigorous lab testing to ensure they contain zero to negligible sucrose, making them a perfect choice for those looking to reduce sugar intake.

Sweetened with Stevia, a Plant-Based Sweetener with Low GI

Stevia, derived from natural plant sources, offers a low glycemic index, making it a healthier alternative to regular sugar. This ensures Dadus sweets are not only delicious but also suitable for those managing their blood sugar levels.

Fewer Calories

Enjoy your favourite sweets without worrying about excessive calories. Our sugar-free range provides a healthier option with fewer calories, helping you maintain your dietary goals.

Made of 100% Natural Ingredients

We prioritise quality and health by using only 100% natural ingredients in our sweets. This commitment to natural ingredients ensures you get the best taste without artificial additives.

Healthy & Tasty!

At Dadu’s, we believe healthy food should never compromise on taste. Our sugar-free sweets are crafted to provide the same delicious flavours you love, with the added benefit of being healthier for you.

Indulge in Our Sugar-Free Delights

Dadus Sugar-Free Kaju Katli

Dadus Sugar-free Kaju Katli

Relish the rich, natural flavour of cashews in a smooth, melt-in-your-mouth treat.

Dadus Sugar-Free Mysore Pak

Dadus Sugar Free Mysore Pak

Enjoy the traditional South Indian sweet made with gram flour and ghee, minus the sugar.

Dadus Sugar-Free Golden Coin

Dadus Sugarfree Gold Coin

Delight in this unique, coin-shaped sweet that’s as pleasing to the eyes as it is to the palate.

Dadus Sugar-Free Anjeer Dry Fruit Delight

Dadus Sugarfree Anjeer Delight

Savour the combination of figs and assorted dry fruits in a delectable and nutritious treat.

Dadus Sugar-Free Khajoor Coin

Dadus Sugarfree Khajoor Coin

Experience the natural sweetness of dates in a convenient coin shape, perfect for a quick, healthy snack.

Dadus Mixed Sugar Free Sweets

Dadus Mixed Sugarfree Sweets

Want a bite of everything? Get them all in one box.

Dadus Sugar-Free Badamees

Dadus Sugarfree Badamees

Indulge in Dadu's Classic Badamees, the perfect anytime snack without the worry of sugar.
Enjoy the rich, nutty flavour and satisfying crunch, knowing that it's a guilt-free treat you can savour at any moment

Order them today to experience the pure bliss of guilt-free pleasure with your family and friends.
Indulge in the goodness of Dadu’s sugar-free sweets and make every moment sweeter and healthier.

What makes Dadu’s sugar-free sweets healthy?

Dadu’s sugar-free sweets are made with 100% natural ingredients and are sweetened with Stevia, a plant-based sweetener with a low glycemic index. They contain zero to negligible sucrose, fewer calories, and offer a healthier alternative without compromising on taste.

Which sugar-free sweets are available at Dadu’s?

Dadu’s offers a range of sugar-free sweets, including Kaju Katli, Mysore Pak, Golden Coin, Anjeer Dry Fruit Delight, Badamees, and Khajoor Coin. Each sweet is crafted to provide a delicious and guilt-free indulgence.

How does Dadu’s ensure the quality of their sugar-free sweets?

Dadu’s sugar-free sweets undergo rigorous lab testing to ensure they have zero to negligible sucrose content. Additionally, all sweets are made using 100% natural ingredients and are sweetened with Stevia, ensuring both quality and health benefits.

Can people with diabetes enjoy Dadu’s sugar-free sweets?

Yes, people with diabetes can enjoy Dadu’s sugar-free sweets. Sweetened with Stevia, a low glycemic index sweetener, these sweets are suitable for those managing their blood sugar levels while still providing a delicious treat. However, for Type-1 Diabetes, we strongly recommend consulting your family GP just to be doubly sure.

Why should I choose Dadu’s sugar-free sweets?

Choosing Dadu’s sugar-free sweets allows you to enjoy your favourite treats without compromising your health. With fewer calories, zero to negligible sucrose content, and made from 100% natural ingredients, these sweets offer a guilt-free indulgence for all.

At Dadu's, we make shopping for our premium sweets online effortless.

For a free tasting and a truly gourmet experience, visit Dadu’s near you

If you are based in Hyderabad, you can explore our delicious sweets catalogue on Swiggy & Zomato and get them instantly delivered.

All sweets from Dadu's are 100% fresh and vegetarian with locally sourced ingredients and no added preservatives or artificial colours.

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